3 Main Reasons Why You Must Become Meat Free!



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For non-vegetarians, this kind of food, as shown in the picture above, looks so good and yummy. But before meat is served in this way just give this a thought. Pigs are animals that like to play in the mud, eat voraciously, and smell really, really bad. And the meat lovers exactly know this reality as well. I’m not sure how they can find pleasure in eating it.

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In contrary, vegetarians find meat disgusting and unhealthy. There are more vitamins and minerals absorbed from eating vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds.

The main reasons why you need to be entirely free from meat are the following:

1. To become healthy

To Become Healthy

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The vitamins and minerals essential for the body are naturally taken from fruits and vegetables. They are packed with many antioxidants. Meat can only primarily provide protein, but this compound can be also taken from other organic foods and crops. In other words, protein is not an issue for vegetarians.

And when we say health wise, non-meat foods are beneficial that include providing strong muscles and more energy, improving immune system, lowering cholesterol levels, and reducing the risk of diseases and infections.

Beautiful Skin

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Vegetables and fruits do not only give you a healthy body, but also beautiful skin. You’ll have a more glowing, youthful skin, which may not call for a regular appointment with a local dermatologist or the use of expensive skin care products. Benefits of these foods have an impact from inside the body and out.

2. To protect animals

To Protect Animals

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Animals are butchered in the meat industry. This is considered inhumane. If you do not agree with the killing of elephants for ivory or the hunting of dolphins, why not care the same thing for pigs, goats, cattle, and other animals who are slaughtered mercilessly?

3. To preserve the environment

To Preserve the Environment

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If the whole world is meat-free, means all people only eat vegetables, fruits, and other organic foods, there are more reasons to plant trees. This makes our planet Eco-friendly.

People can survive without meat. As a matter of fact, they will live longer, healthier, and happier on Earth with non-meat foods. It is a matter of being educated and making the right choices!

Have you made the right choice?


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