16 Never-Seen Photos Of Cute Dogs. They’ll Leave You Smiling

These four-legged creatures don’t just bark, chase cats, and ruin your couch. They can also make you smile and change your mood into a good one. Here are some adorable photos that prove it.

Warning: They’re too cute to ignore!!!

#1 “This is how I play outside”

Cute-dogImage source: cool-imagesblog

Not sure how you got there buddy, but that’s a unique talent. Amazing!

#2 “Which ones are real?”

The-romantic-story-of-cute-dogsImage source: coolanimalworld

I’m guessing the ones with their tongues out.

#3 “I thought it’s Valentine’s Day today?!”

Cute-DogsImage source: amazingpics

It’s not, but it’s okay darling. You’re too sweet to give those yellow roses.

#4 “I know I’m cool”

Funny-cute-dogImage source: free-funnypictures

He even knows how to strike a pose! That’s really cool.

#5 “Can I have another beer”

Cute DogImage source: cutestuff

No, you’re already getting tipsy. That’s enough. And no, you can never drink beer. LOL

#6 “Yes, Sir!”

Cute-dog-picturesImage source: skunkwire

Obey before you complain, huh?

#7 “Zzzzz”

Cute-dog-wallpaperImage source: fanpop

Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll just come back later.

#8 “Why Pink?!”

Cute-dogImage source: freetopwallpaper

Aww, she doesn’t look happy with her new bed.

#9 “Sleep like me”

Cute-dogImage source: barnorama

Look at him. He doesn’t complain his bed is yellow.

#10 “Shhhh”

cute-dogsImage source: thedistractionnetwork

“I just wanna make sure they’re gone before I jump into the pool.”

#11 “Best Smile”

Cute-dogsImage source: thedistractionnetwork

“I always brush my teeth. You should too!”

#12 “Seflie or Photobomb?”

Crazy-dogImage source: thedistractionnetwork

It could have been a great dog selfie, but you’re not holding the camera. You just wanted to be on camera.

#13 “Yes, we really sleep like this!”

Cute DogsImage source: theberry

Haha, how cute are these guys?

#14 “We do better”

Cute DogImage source: theberry

See? That’s more organized.

#15 “Ready to bathe”

Awesome-puppy-taking-a-bathImage source: thedistractionnetwork

Uhm, what else do you need? Oh, soap I guess. “And some music please.”

#16 “Sweet Goodbye”

Cute-girl-with-huge-dogImage source: thedistractionnetwork

Aww, is there anything cuter than this?

Let’s remember that dogs are very endearing animals that we should love, take care of, and treat as one of our own. We must never let them stray in the street, beaten, or killed.

That’s all folks! But before you go, share the smile and laugh! I know you did.

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