16 Endangered Species on Earth that We Must Protect!

There are more than a dozen of animals that are already endangered. This means there are only a few numbers of them left. If people continue to hunt and hurt or kill them, it won’t be far until they’ve gone out of our planet for good.

The list of animals below is considered “critically endangered”, according to World Wildlife Fund or WWF.

LeopardImage source: wikipedia

#1 – Amur Leopard

Leopards are one of the naturally dangerous animals in wild forests. They are known to run very fast, and you cannot really chase them, but chase you instead if you try to play around with these creatures. However, their peril behavior should not be the reason to hunt and kill them. Sure, their skin is very beautiful, but it’s not right to wear it or use it as a bag. Among the kinds of leopards, amur leopard is the most endangered. It can live for 10 to 15 years only, so imagine how many must be left for the next generations.

Black RhinoImage source: savannaimages

Javan RhinoImage source: cooltobekindtoanimals

Sumatran RhinoImage source: worldwildlife

#2 – Black Rhino
#3 – Javan Rhino
#4 – Sumatran Rhino

Rhinos have been hunted for many years as food or as a hobby. This is the primary reason why their number of population has been greatly decreased. Most of this animal is found in Africa and Asia where hunting is legally allowed in many ways. Fortunately, WWF and other organizations have started fighting against the hunting and killing of animals. We, too, should be a part of this advocacy and sustain the lives of rhinos, along with Javan rhinos that are found in Indonesia, and Sumatran rhinos from some parts of Southeast Asia.

Cross River GorillaImage source: toptenfamous

Mountain GorillaImage source: safari

Western Lowland GorillaImage source: fineartamerica

#5 – Cross River Gorilla
#6 – Mountain Gorilla
#7 – Western Lowland Gorilla

Gorillas are “the largest living primates” in the whole world. We should be proud of this, but at the same time and unfortunately, they are among the most endangered animals, particularly the cross river gorillas, mountain gorillas, and western lowland gorillas. It’s mainly because of many things from hunting to diseases. It can also be due to the destruction of their natural habitat (actually most of them are from Africa). What most organizations are doing these days is transferring them to new, healthier paces where they can live longer and free from diseases, as well as away from poachers.

Leatherback TurtleImage source: alphacoders

Hawksbill TurtleImage source: reefguide

#8 – Leatherback Turtle
#9 – Hawksbill Turtle

Turtles can lay so many eggs, except two kinds that are soon to vanish if we don’t continue to protect them. I’m referring to leatherback and hawksbill turtles. They are usually found in east Africa, in the Caribbean Sea, and the western part of the Pacific Ocean.

a saola pauses in the jungle of VietnamImage source: theguardian

#10 – Saola

I know this seems to be uncommon, and probably the first time you hear it. Well, it’s been only discovered in 1992 but already critically endangered. It looks like a deer with unicorn horns. You can only see this in the forests of Vietnam and Laos.

South China TigerImage source: wikipedia

Sumatran TigerImage source: walpapershddownload

#11 – South China Tiger
#12 – Sumatran Tiger

Sadly, lots of tigers are captured to be shown in zoos and circus shows. If not taken alive, they get their skin for clothes, bags, and other products. Both the Sumatran and South China tigers are the most endangered in all types of tigers these days.

Sumatran ElephantImage source: greenglobaltravel

#13 – Sumatran Elephant

Aside from Africa, Southeast Asia is where the home of most elephants in the world. However, the Sumatran elephants are the types that have decreased in population.

Sumatran OrangutanImage source: mungaiandthegoaconstrictor

#14 – Sumatran Orangutan

In the same forest areas is where you can find Sumatran orangutans. They are also under the list of endangered species. They’re either hunted illegally for trade or taken as pets. There’s absolutely nothing wrong if you take care of animals, but unlike as dogs, their natural habitat is in the forests.

VaquitaImage source: worldwildlife

Yangtze Finless PorpoiseImage source: panda

#15 – Vaquita
#16 – Yangtze Finless Porpoise

Yes, both of these belong to the dolphin or porpoise family, and already endangered. Vaquita is a species that is normally found in the Gulf of California, while Yangtze finless porpoise is from the Yangtze River in China; hence, the name.

Dangered SpeciesImage source: buzznet

These animals are too cute to be gone soon. They deserve to live in the same beautiful planet we live in. We should not let that happen. Instead, let’s help preserve their species.

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