15 Reasons To Love Avocado. Yes, 15 Seriously!

I grew up without any interest in avocado at all. I didn’t like the taste. But I figured that was a lame excuse as soon as I learned the health benefits. Well, forgive me, because most children won’t really like certain fruits and vegetables, and apparently, I was one of them. Yet it’s sad to hear that some teens and adults don’t like them based on the taste alone. It’s a reality that you may not like every healthy food there is, but all healthy foods are nutritional and important for the body. Take avocado, for instance. It has really good benefits that the body needs from inside and out. Here are 15 reasons, or rather health benefits that can encourage you to eat more avocados.



Avocado Recipe


1. Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

There is a high amount of magnesium and potassium in avocado. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K. Other minerals found are copper, iron, and phosphorus; as well as other antioxidants.



2. Blood Sugar Level Regulation

Avocado is known to have good fats, called monounsaturated fat. This kind of fat helps increase the capacity of insulin and reverse any resistance. Consequently, it can regulate blood sugar levels. This is pretty much needed by people with diabetes, to keep their glucose levels normal.

Weight Loss


3. Weight Loss Aid

The same monounsaturated fat can help lose pounds or maintain a healthy weight. Since the fats are good, there is absolutely no biological reason for a body to get fat that increases body weight.

4. Dietary Fiber Included

There are at least 10 grams of fiber (75% insoluble and 25% soluble) in avocado. This compound is helpful in digestion. It can make you easily full, which is why it’s a great aid to lose weight, too. And what else does fiber do? It improves bowel movement.



5. Healthy Heart

You can also further protect your heart if you eat some avocado. This fruit has vitamin B6 and folate that are responsible in regulating homocysteine levels. If the levels increase, the heart becomes more prone to cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other heart related problems.

That’s not all; it also has vitamin E and an antioxidant called glutathione. They also work to maintain a healthy heart. On the other hand, potassium and magnesium reduce blood pressure.

6. Cancer Prevention

One reason why avocado is considered as the healthiest is because of its ability to reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. The oleic acid that is present in this fruit is very effective to prevent cancer cells in breasts.

7. Anti-Aging Features

Glutathione also helps in slowing down the process of aging. This is one cheap and natural solution to avoid pre-mature aging, especially in women. Keep in mind that there are other antioxidants found in avocado, and this can result to a better, youthful skin.

Anti-Aging Features in Avocado


8. Skin Care Solution

There’s no need to use commercial products for your skin when you can have avocado as an alternative safe method. Yes, this can be applied directly onto skin to moisturize it. Aside from hydrating, it can also remove wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, it’s also been recently studied to treat sunburn. So yes you can apply some mashed avocado on your face, neck, and other parts of the skin.

9. Eczema Cure

For those who have skin problem like eczema, avocado is a great natural remedy, too. Remember how many vitamins are there in a single piece? They all help keep healthy skin and treat issues, which include itchiness, redness, and allergies.

10. Healthy Eyes

Another essential compound, particularly phytochemical, that is found in this fruit is carotenoid lutein. It is able to protect eyes from diseases and infections. Cataracts and other age-related macular degeneration diseases can be prevented.

11. Absorption

Why some people choose avocado more than other fruits in certain vegetable dishes? That’s because it helps in the absorption of other essential nutrients. For example, beta-carotene in carrot can increase more when you take avocado. The same thing can happen with other nutrients from other vegetables and fruits. Avocados


12. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Polyphenols and flavonoids are also important compounds in avocados. These are phytonutrients that can reduce inflammation. It means they do not only lessen pain, but also helps decrease the risk of inflammatory and degenerative disorders.



13. Bad Breath Solution

Can you believe that you can rinse your mouth with some avocados? Yes, it does work that way. It is by far one of the cheapest natural remedies against bacteria in the mouth. You can also use it to remove white coats on tongue.

14. Protein Supply

This is one good news for vegetarians, especially beginners, who are not yet familiar with non-meat foods that provide protein. Avocado may not have all amino acids that are essential to the body, but contain the most important ones. Those are 18 amino acids that actually needed by the body.

Super Baby Food


15. Pregnancy and Baby Friendly

Because it is high in folic acid (folate), avocado is recommended to take by pregnant women. It helps prevent birth defects. And when your baby is born, and can eat cereals already, you can use avocado as the main ingredient. It is healthy and definitely baby friendly!

Avocado  Pesto Linguine


Avocado Salad


Avocado Juice


Avocado Cream Pops


These health benefits are enough reasons why you should love avocado and eat them more often. You can make a lot of great meals and delicious snacks with avocado. In fact, you can also mash or blend avocado to create sandwich filling, guacamole, salsa, and smoothie! Other than internal consumption, you can also apply some onto your skin to keep it protected and healthy.

If you are not that pretty much convinced, why don’t you take it as a challenge to try avocado and see for yourself what it can do to your body in the long run? There’s no harm trying anyway, because this is a type of fruit, which is natural and undeniably good for your health and body.

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