13 Reasons Why Lemon Is Good For You – No.8 is Unbelievable!

Lemon is one of the most essential fruit and common food ingredient found in the kitchen. It is also among the foods I always make sure to have, because it can act as a dehydration weapon, a cleaning solution, and a medicine.



The nutrients present in lemons are vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, citric acid, calcium, copper, iron, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. In fact, it has more potassium than other fruits, such as apples. This is just a glimpse of what lemon can promise you. Here is some more you can expect from this yellow-skinned fruit.

1. Lemon is an alkaline-producing fruit.

The body’s pH levels are important to be consistently balance. It helps protect you from getting ill due to diseases. The risk of certain ailments from cold to cancer is reduced.

Lemon is an Alkaline-Producing Fruit

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2. Lemon has high amount of vitamin C.

Vitamin C can do a lot of great things that the body needs in order to become health and disease free. It can fight mild case infections, such as cold and flu. This same vitamin can also neutralize free radicals, which are responsible in pre-mature aging and cancer. To add that, it has 22 anti-cancer substances.

Lemon has high amount of vitamin C


3. Lemon has anti-bacterial properties.

The juice of this fruit is also powerful to combat bacteria. Thus, it can treat certain infections and diseases, which include cholera, typhoid fever, malaria, and diphtheria. Have you ever wondered why most home products, such as dishwashing, detergent, and hand sanitizer, have lemon in them?

Lemon has anti-bacterial properties


4. Lemon cleanses bowels.

One of the properties of lemons is its ability to cleanse. Your bowel movement becomes normal and regular. It’s suggested to drink a glass of water mixed with lemon in order to eliminate wastes.

Lemon cleanses bowels


5. Lemon protects your stomach.

Your tummy becomes healthier if you drink lemonade or add some juice of lemon to your water. That is because any intestinal worms present are flushed away. This is a great solution to deworm the stomachs of younger kids as well.

6. Lemon serves as a stimulant.

Liver is also protected by lemons. It stimulates it to become healthier.

Lemon serves as a stimulant


7. Lemon is a dissolvent.

The citric acid in this fruit helps dissolve deposits that can cause harm to your body. Uric acid, calcium deposits, gallstones, kidney stones, toxins, and other compounds that are poisonous are removed when you drink some lemon juice.

8. Lemon is good for the brain.

According to recent studies, the peel of lemon helps regulate the function of the brain. Its phytonutirent tangeretin can cure brain disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Lemon is good for the brain


9. Lemon has vitamin P.

It’s not common to hear this vitamin P. You only think vitamins stop until K. Well, this vitamin is most commonly known as bioflavinoids. It is an essential compound that helps regulate blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, just drink a glass of lemon. In addition to that, it prevents internal hemorrhage.

10. Lemon detoxifies.

Liver, bile, and stomach are not only cleansed by lemons. The entire body can be refreshed and detoxified with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Did I mention that it’s an excellent rehydrating drink?

Lemon Detoxifies


11. Lemon can be used as an astringent.

The mouth is another recipient of lemon’s healing properties. Its anti-bacterial feature can freshen your mouth by flushing away bacteria and maintaining good breath.

Lemon can be used as an astringent


12. Lemon aids in breathing.

Believe it or not, this small fruit is very helpful in providing additional oxygen. If you have problem or difficulty in breathing, its juice can regulate the pulse.

13. Lemon treats symptoms of eye disorder.

Lemons also contain rutin. This compound is significant in treating symptoms of eye disorders. It helps a lot in for a quick treatment or recovery.

Lemon treats symptoms of eye disorder


There’s no doubt that such small fruit like lemon is enough to optimize your health, even if just a fraction. Which is why drinking a glass of lemon juice or adding lemon zest to your dish is very important. So, have as much lemon as possible – cheers!

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