5 Horrible And Heart Breaking Things About Bull Fighting You May Not Know

Bullfighting is very common in South America and some parts of Europe. It is a traditional type of entertainment to people who patronize it, while a profit-generating business to owners. Unfortunately, it is a form of imprisonment and torture for the bulls.

Bull Fighting

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This human activity is one of the most senseless, gruesome, and irresponsible type of animal cruelty. Bulls are basically abused over and over, while treated without enough care that they deserve. To explain further, here are shocking points that happen in bullfighting.

1. Bulls are isolated with little food and water before the fight.

Bulls are obviously huge animals. They need tons of food to eat, but this can cause owners to spend money. Hence, it is just reasonable for them to give them little food. But worst happens hours before the fight, because each and every bull is held in isolation with no food and water at all. Their cage also has no light. All these can create confusion, panic, and aggressive mood to the bulls, which trigger them to become violent.

Animal Cruelty

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Bull Fighting in Spain

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2. Bulls are already wounded before entering the ring.

The torture begins right before the fight. Bullfighters or riders prepare their hostile reaction and behavior by harpooning them. Wounded and crippled, bulls fight to stay alive and escape from this brawl. Basically, they are fighting for their selves against human maltreatment.

Animal Abuse

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3. Bulls are stabbed many times.

The harsh treatment continues when the bullfighter rides on the bull as he keeps stabbing the back and shoulders. This is how they motivate bulls to keep fighting and defending themselves. Imagine just how many fights these animals have to face with repeated persecution. THEY ARE TORTURED OVER AND OVER!

Animal Bullfighting

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Animal Torture

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4. Bulls are forced to fight for their lives.

Most people think that bulls are unfriendly and violent, but they are normally quiet, and somewhat kind. They only have little patience that makes them react with hostility, and usually to defend themselves when they sense some danger. Like most animals, they fear for their lives and the best option they have is self-defense. Before and during the fight, these animals are tortured repeatedly. They feel pain that can trigger them to fight without a choice. Their aggressive reaction is a form of survival.

Cruel Sport

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5. Bulls are treated like useless.

Bulls are living creatures but they are not normally well treated. There is torment every time they fight, and probably just have a bit moment of a very slight relief when they are out of the bullring. Yet, the excruciating pain goes round until the wound is healed. Sadly, there is no healing process at all, because they have to endure another agonizing torture for the next fight. Who does want to be stabbed with knife or sword for more than once and never get healed?

Protest Against Bull Fighting

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Stop Bullfighting

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What can you do?

This helpless, selfish human activity must not be tolerated at all. You can help stop this for good if you do some actions on your own. Here are simple things that you can do:

1. DO NOT include bullfight watch in your tour when visiting a country where this is permitted legally.
2. DO NOT buy tickets or bet in bull fights.
3. DO NOT watch any bull fight even on TV or the Internet.
4. DO join groups or organizations that are against bull fights and animal abuse in general.
5. DO participate in activities that protest animal abuse.
6. DO act as the voice for these animals in any way and share this post with others.

Please share this post with your friends and family and raise awareness.